Authors Faking Book Reviews?

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Today I read an incredibly interesting article from Forbes. I also admit I must be living under some rocks to have never heard of this happening before. The thought of anyone, let alone an author doing such things, makes me kind of sad.

Books are supposed to take people places and be an escape. Everyone’s opinions vary on every-single-book out there. How sad to know that anyone would feel the need or want to make their book(s) stand out not by their own merit but by creating false reviews.

As it is, sadly, many people already think the book reviews up on Amazon are a joke. Maybe some are but I believe most are not. After reading this article, who really knows anymore?

I have in the past posted my reviews on Amazon that I have on my blog, The Social Frog and when I go to post, it says that it needs to be approved first before being posted. To me, this means someone in the world of Amazon is checking something to make sure that I am who I say I am?

I am sure that this not only happens on Amazon but from the article it seems to say that Amazon really needs to crack down on it and I agree. Book reviews are not a joke. Authors making fake accounts to write fake positive reviews of their own books are a joke…


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  1. Joel Savage February 2, 2014 at 2:37 am - Reply

    Nice written informative and educative article. We are in a world, everyone prefers to reach the top and the best way to get to that top is to cheat. On social media, some authors criticize other writer’s work to feed their wimps and egos.

    Why all these criticism, discrimination and cheats? Because we are in the middle of sea of books and only few famous authors are making it. The struggling ones therefore want to shine too, choosing fake reviews as the possible solution.

    Whatever is hidden from the wise shall be reveal to the babes, in this case whatever evil one does shall come to light one day. I wasn’t surprise when RJ Ellory confessed he has been faking his reviews on Amazon.

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