Book Review: Cornfield Heiress:A Memoir Of My Lives And Loves

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Cornfield Heiress by Eee
ISBN: 978-0-615-20931-9
Published: 2008
Pages: 230
Publisher: Heiress Publishing

Inspirational; Baby boomer Chic Lit; Travel across upper Midwest with the yet unproclaimed heiress as she descends upon northern Idaho to begin a teaching career and an ordinary life – soon to become anything but ordinary. Meet Michael the Marine who releases her frm virginity and tumbles her into a string of fascinating but doomed relationships with Sky King, Duplicitous Don Juan, Lap Dog Jimmie, Harvard Bob, Grumble Bunny, and the Kennewick cowboy. Languish with her during her corporate days of champagne and mink coats; shiver during the Portland years of rain and terror. Experience the excitement of carnival life as she shares her adventures as a “carny.” Cry with her as she faces inflammatory breast cancer. Embrace her courageous walk through alternative therapies. You will be forever changed by this touching, unforgettable story.

My Thoughts

I loving reading memoirs as you get to go inside someone normally private life and read about how the grass is not always greener on the other side, that people are human, have feelings & emotions. I was immediately drawn into the book from page one.

After a few chapters you really start to form an opinion of the Cornfield Heiress, it all depends on your own morals and how you live your life. She talks much about her past lovers through all the chapters. You might find yourself getting upset with her as you read, some of it is predictable depending on the situation she had gotten herself in.

This story is about wanting to find true love, acceptance and finding out in the end that sometimes life is not fairytale and that the choices we make, really effect those around us.

I was put off by parts of the book because of my own morals, but I have not walked in her shoes so nor would I know what it was like for her to make some of the choices she made. One being that she had a child and walked away from him, to be raised only by his father. She then made it sound like she was “free” after doing so.

She had many hardships in her life, many caused by the things she did or did not do. One horrible thing is her battle with cancer and what she went through.



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