Book Review: Down In Flames

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Down In Flames by Ray Parker
ISBN: 978-0-9640924-3-3
Published: 2009
Pages: 157
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc.


Sixteen million Americans served in World War II . . . This is one man’s incredible story. “War and captivity — life and death — fear and bravery. A remarkable true story of World War II that takes us along through the hell of aerial combat against high odds, and the harsh life of survivors in Nazi prison camps. A tale well told, it gives us insight into the courage and character of our gallant young airmen who paved the way for the invasion of Fortress Europe and our ultimate victory over Hitler’s Germany.” -Major General Donald Ross, USAF (ret.) “Once I started reading ‘Down in Flames,’ I couldn’t put it down. It’s well written and kept me turning the pages. Ray Parker was head writer on my daily CBS-TV show, ‘House Party,’ but he never talked about bombing missions over Germany during World War II and surviving a Nazi prison camp. What a surprise! I can certainly recommend this book.” -Art Linkletter

My Thoughts

Military stories are usually not something I really get into, at least not enough to read a book on it. I must say that I was actually impressed by the writing and how gripping the true tale is. Ray Parker has lived and interesting life and it is all between the pages.

Ray takes you on a journey from when he takes his test through flying high, there is much triumph as well as tragedy in Ray’s story and you feel like you are following him along, a minute by minute account it feels at times.

He also got to meet some interesting people and even talks about Jimmy Stewart, which I found fascinating as I got some insight as to what he was like when he served.

If you are a military buff or just enjoy history, I highly recommend this book, it is actually quite thrilling!


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