Book Review: Growing Up Again

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Growing Up Again by Mary Tyler Moore
Genre: Memoir, Biography
ISBN: 978-1616794361
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Published: March 31, 2009
Pages: 240


Each person who has diabetes struggles to come to terms with it and experiences the basic challenges of the disease in a uniquely personal way. For me, it has been a trip through rebellion and denial to finally arriving at acknowledgment and commitment to solutions. It took years. And I still rankle at the restrictions, the have-tos, the may-nots, and the never-endingness of it. But the illness is what it is, and I thank God for the genius of medical researchers who have done so much to make diabetes a less cruel imposition while propelling us toward a cure.

I don’t think the story of my life with diabetes is a model for anyone else. There’s no template to follow that will determine the course of the disease and how it affects a person’s life; no one right way to manage diabetes. What I have put on paper is simply the tale of how, in the course of everyday living—dealing with the losses, the dead ends, and the triumphs that come in often seemingly random order—I’ve dodged, faced, and sometimes conquered the challenges of diabetes.  I’m sharing my story because it is what I have to give, shedding some light on the follies and achievements that I’ve racked up in my daily confrontation with the disease.

But my journey is just a part of the picture. So I’ve talked with other people who have diabetes to give voice to their experiences, to provide a varied view of how to live and thrive. And I’ve sought out some of the wisest and most capable doctors and scientists who are waging war in the laboratory and conducting bench-to-bedside experiments that are producing new and exciting treatments to help the millions of people with diabetes manage—and ultimately vanquish—the disease.

My Thoughts

Mary Tyler Moore is another of my favorite actresses. Not really knowing till recently that she has been living with Diabetes most of her life, I thought it would be interesting to read her story. I assumed that this memoir would be more about her illness rather than her acting, dancing career. Although it was all about Diabetes, Mary did talk candid and openly about some aspects of her career and some of it was surprising and in other parts you can really see her as she is, like the rest of us, she is human.

Mary is a Type 1 Diabetic and has been living with or rather learning to live with it for most of her adult life. She recounts the trials, the truths, the rises & her failings with her journey living with Diabetes. It was a very interesting read and I do highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of your health, Diabetic or not. She gives great insight into her life and she does it with some humor too! The only downside to this book was I had wished there was more talk of her career but still enjoyed it immensely.



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  1. Corinne Rodrigues January 31, 2012 at 10:37 pm - Reply

    I love Mary Tyler Moore and had no idea that she was diabetic. Looks like a great read. Incidentally are you on GoodReads, RoseAnn?

    • thesocialfrog January 31, 2012 at 10:42 pm - Reply

      Hello Corinne! I think Mary is such a beautiful person! I currently am not on GoodReads, thought I was though,lol. I am on LibraryThing & Shelfari.
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  2. nonna ivana February 1, 2012 at 8:02 am - Reply

    Ciao RoseAnn!
    I knew the TV Sitcom!
    I think that the thema of diabetes is very important, we have that problem (Type 1) in my family, and sometimes I can think that the research does only small steps to heal the disease!
    Perhaps I’ll find the book in the bibliothek!

    Have a lovely Wednesday!
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  3. Shannon February 1, 2012 at 9:07 am - Reply

    My grandma was a Type 1 diabetic. It was a lot to deal with but she did pretty good.
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  4. alfred lives here February 1, 2012 at 11:50 am - Reply

    I read this book too and loved it… as I did her previous one which was more of a typical autobiography. I remember her TV commercials about diabetes from when I was a kid. Brave lady.

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