Book Review: Hunger For Atlantis

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Danicka Holland, the owner of a kindergarten, bans toys and inspires pre-school children to work. Is she a dictator or a liberator? Stanzie Brock controls a billion-dollar empire. Does an Ivy League style education assist her or destroy her?

The younger generation is clashing against the older . . . colleges and schools are self-destructing . . . teachers and professors are fighting for survival . . . wireless electricity threatens to change the world in the new Age of Atoms . . .

My Thoughts

I have to admit, I was not sure about this book at first, I felt some things were overly descriptive . It started off a little slow for me but I kept with it because I believed it had tons of potential, it ended up being an incredibly enjoyable, deep story. 

The story beings with Stanzie Brocks husband passing away, leaving her with the huge responsibility of managing her late husbands Publication. She finds much resistance from all those around her, especially the Editors In Chief.

She makes huge strides to try and add to and complete her husbands work including¬† wireless electricity but it may not come easily for her…this puts the younger generation against the older generation. Will Stanzie accomplish what she has set out to do?

I highly recommend this book! While I found some dialog to be over descriptive in the first few chapters, I still very much appreciate Pandora’s style of writing in which I personally found unique.

Hunger For Atlantis by Pandora
Pages: 762





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