Book Review: Paris, Baby!

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Paris, Baby! By Kristen Lobe 
Genre: Non-Fiction
ISBN: 978-0312605322
Published: May 24, 2011
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Pages: 352


Is it possible to maintain chic as a single-mom-to-be in a city where it’s
all supposed to be effortless and breastfeeding is a horreur?  Does one
live by the Parisienne’s pregnancy plan of smoking, drinking, and cheese-eating
avec vin blanc, but jamais jamais gain more than six kilos? And
how to handle a pickup attempt by a married man in the baby department of Bon
Marché when you’re eight months along?  After all, American girls do things
differently: Lamaze class and baby showers, sensible prenatal care and…family to
watch you proudly grow more and more pregnant.

Paris is full of delights for a new mom: the Luxembourg Gardens, baby
boutiques too precious to be passed by, a petit brioche for a teething
tot.  But home exerts a powerful pull. Should your child grow up skipping by the
Seine or scampering up a tree house?  Should it be “Mommy” or “Maman”?
And can a tall blonde with a taste for Veuve Cliquot and Vuitton ever make it in
the land of mom jeans and Happy Meals?

Paris, Baby! is novelist Kirsten Lobe’s warm, funny memoir about
Paris, Frenchmen, friendship, babies, and making it on one’s own

My Thoughts

When Kirsten was young, she dreamed of traveling the world and making it where ever she landed. As an adult she traveled to several places around the world, including her beloved Paris. Here she finds many dead ends when it came to relationships and friendships.

She becomes pregnant by a man that already has a child and does not want anymore. She is left to bring this child up as a single mother. Though she finds Paris to not be her heaven anymore as she struggles to be a mother.

She moves back to the states to surround herself and little Oscar with family and friends. She teeters back and forth with terribly missing life or her old life, pre baby in Paris. She wonders if she can go back with Oscar now 2 years old.

A lot of the book deals with her life before Oscar and constant whining and snobbery and she gives off the feeling that she is better than everyone else. She is not happy or content through most of the book. It was filled with so much negativity.

I have to say that parts of the book were interesting but her nose up in the air got old after the first few hundred pages. Some might find this book more appealing than I but I do not recommend this book.




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