Book Review Policy

Book Review Policy

After much thought I’ve decided I must have a Book Review Policy for potential authors & publicists.

As of right now I am open to review requests. Please keep in mind that I believe I give fair reviews even if I do not completely like or enjoy a book, and me excepting to read & review your book does not get you an automatic positive review. I am honest and I try to be fair. I will also need a fair amount of time to read your book from the time it arrives to ensure a proper review. Please feel free to read all of my previous book reviews.

Contact Me:

If you would like for me to read & review your book please contact me at

Or By Visiting My Contact Me Page.

I will get back to you as soon as I can, I check my mail often daily.

~Genres I Do Read~

Include: Some Romance, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasies, Thrillers, Horror, Memoirs, Biographies and several others.

~Genres I Don’t Read~

Some Sci-Fi, Westerns, Most Self Published Books

Even though I may or may not read a certain genre, it does not mean that I will not consider your book for review.

~Forms Of Media I Will Except~

Paperback, Hard Cover, Spiral Bound, Kindle Books, iPad Books, etc.

~Forms Of Media I Will Not Except~

E-Books to be read on a PC, DVD’s, CD’s.

Review Time Frame:

I am pretty flexible but require at least 2-3 weeks from the day I receive it in the mail,as I might be currently reading others as well, unless they are ARC books or a book on a virtual tour of which we can arrange a date for those.

Posting Reviews Elsewhere:

I may or may not post my review on Amazon, LibraryThing, etc although I normally try to. Feel free to request it when you contact me.

For anything else I might have not covered or are a concern please feel free to contact me!


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