Book Review: The Reader

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The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
218 Pages
Reissue Edition: November 2008
When 15-year-old Michael Berg falls ill on his way home from school, he is rescued by Hanna, a woman twice his age. In time she becomes his lover, enthralling him with her passion, but puzzling him with her odd silences. Then she disappears. Michael next sees Hanna when she is on trial for a hideous crime, refusing to defend herself. As he watches, he begins to realize that Hanna maybe be guarding a secret she considers more shameful than murder.

My Thoughts

From the beginning of the book I was drawn in. This book reads like a true story which I really enjoyed and would sometimes forget it was fiction. At the beginning you know what is going to happen with this 15 year old boy and 30 something woman Hanna, you can feel it building up between them.

I was very happy with several twists and turns through the book that were totally unexpected and made me want to read even longer. You eventually find out what hideous crimes Hanna is accused of and I was a little surprised by what they claimed she had done.

It is an amazing journey that starts with a 15 year old boy, who by the end is a much older, much wiser man who is still fascinated with Hanna, even in her old age.

I would highly recommend this book and by the way I have not seen the movie yet but after reading this book, I would love to.


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