Book Review: Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has A Tale

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Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has A Tale by Tim Link
ISBN: 978-1934572146
Published: May 2009
Pages: 199
Publisher: Emerald Book Company
About The Author

Tim Link is president & CEO of Link’s Wagging Tales, INC. and is a practicing animal communicator and Reiki energy healer for animals. He is also a featured expert on the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution’s website and volunteers as the president of the Humane Society of Forsyth County (A No-Kill Shelter).

Tim grew up in Richmond, Indiana. He married his high school sweetheart, Kim, graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. In February 2004 Time learned ( with great surprise) that he could communicate telepathically with animals. Until then, he had no idea he had this ability.

Initially, he never intended to let many people know about this newfound gift. He practiced with his own pets, those of his family & close friends, as well as those boarded at the local rescue shelter. More information about Tim and the services he provides can be found in his website: Wagging Tales.


Many people have a special bond with animals, but few have the ability to understand the innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires of different creatures. Author Tim Link is one such individual–a man blessed with the ability to communicate with animals telepathically.

In this book, the author details some of his most dramatic and moving encounters with the animal kingdom. From helping a lost cat find her way home to comforting a Catalan sheepdog after back surgery, Link shares stories that are both entertaining and heartfelt. A full-time animal communicator and a Reiki energy healer for animals, Link has never failed to reach an animal, even if that animal has transitioned to the next world. In these dramatic and moving stories, Link describes how he communicates with animals, not only in words, but also through feelings, smells, tastes, emotions, and images. By building powerful intuitive connections with other species, Link has transformed the lives of numerous animals and the people who care for them. His stories will transform the lives of readers as well, as they learn to open their minds and hearts to all creatures great and small.

Whether it’s a story of joy, loneliness, or redemption, every animal has a tale, and Tim Link has brought magically resonant tales to life in this powerful collection of stories.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to animal rescue organizations.

My Thoughts

Before I even started to read this book I told myself that my lack of belief in telepathy or communicating with animals would not stand in the way of me reading this book. I am very glad I had an open mind, as this book is very charming.

The great thing about this book also is that you don’t have to believe to enjoy. This was a fun and enlightening book filled with many tales that Tim takes us on, looking into the lives of many different animals, the stories in this book are more of cats than dogs.

 While reading you get the sense that when he “speaks” to the animals, he gets a human response. I myself see my “pets” as family members and not just some animal so it was also nice to see someone else treat them in the same way.

In some of the stories Tim had a hard time communicating or keeping contact with an animal which almost made me loose interest in that particular story and almost made him a little less credible to me, he just wrote it off as it just sometimes does not work. You decide.

Take it with a grain of salt or dive in fully believing, no matter you will enjoy this book and I do highly recommend it for it’s entertainment value.


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