Christmas Reading Wrap-Up

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This year I decided to do holiday specific reading, my choice since I celebrate was Christmas of course. I had a much harder time finding Christmas books that I wanted to read than I thought I would. Christmas has been around forever I thought, there must be hundreds of thousands of books on it, about it or including it in the story.

Luckily I did find a handful that looked interesting and for the most part, I loved them all. I did do book reviews on all of them too. The last book, I just finished the other day, just in time for Christmas!

Do you do holiday reading? Or make it a point to read at least one, during Christmas or any holiday you celebrate?

Here are the books I read through November & December: (Clicking Will Bring You To My Review Of The Book)

The Perfect Christmas

Call Me Mrs. Miracle

The Christmas Basket

The Snow Bride

Two Tickets To The Christmas Ball

Mrs. Miracle

The Christmas Bus

The Christmas Chronicles: The Legend Of Santa Of Santa Claus

The Paper Bag Christmas

The Snow Globe

The Christmas Cookie Club


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