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Coming Soon…Book Reviews & All Things Bookish 🙂

I currently have a blog with a mix match of things going on over at The Social Frog and for the last several years I’ve been wanting to separate my bookish things from everything else. I will be moving all my book reviews here as well as some other bookish stuff.

I will continue to post my book reviews over there as I don’t want any of my readers over there to miss out but everything else bookish will be talked about over here. Or I may just put a up a link to find my review over here.

If you are a Publisher or Author and would like for me to review a book, please go to my Contact page and send me your request. Please read my Book Review Policy. Please feel free to contact me even if you think I may not be interested in your book.

I am looking forward to talking books with all of you out there!!


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