New Year, More Reading

Posted on by captivatedbybooks

Hello & Happy New Year!

I know I’ve been quite absent from this blog in 2013. I have reasons that mostly consist of being super busy and not having the time I normally have for reading.

2014 is a new year and for the most part I won’t be anywhere even as close to as busy as I was last year. So this means much more reading and I can not wait!

Do you have your reading planned out for the year? I currently do not but I plan on making a “loose” list of books I’d love to read this year and pick from it as I go.

Another goal for this year is to finally get all my book reviews off my other everyday blog and solely have all my book reviews here from now on.

I look forward to interacting much more this year with the booking community and all of you out there who stop by!


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