Why I Don’t Read Books On My Tablet

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I’ve been asked in the past as well as just recently as to why I just don’t read books on my tablet? There is not a simple, one sentence answer to this question. Well, I suppose I could…it would go something like this “Because, I don’t want to”. But it really goes much deeper than that.

I received my first Kindle in the summer of 2009…no I am not making this a Kindle post but just stating my facts here. I received my first Apple iPad in 2010. I had about a year between devices and that is where my love affair started and has continued with an Ereader.

I remember one evening, it was bedtime and I wanted to read for a while but at the time I had no light for my Kindle. So I thought it would be great to pull out my iPad and enjoy reading.

My eyes hated me almost instantly. Mind you I understand any low lighting in complete darkness will take a toll on ones eyes, this was more than annoying. I tried for about a half hour. I got a headache as well. The strain on my eyes did not feel good. So that was the end of that.

It’s  just not for me, in daylight, low light or no light. Now I don’t mind surfing the web, playing games and other such things on a tablet. While still very taxing on the eyes, even with proper lighting I see a tablet like an extension of my laptop. However, I don’t read books on my laptop or desktop either. For me personally, my tablet is just that..a tablet and my Kindle is well.. my “book”. They are not one in the same.

I no longer use my iPad as I got a Samsung tablet for Christmas and while it is amazing, it will never be my choice for reading books. To add to this in case people wonder, I travel all over the world due to my husbands job and a long time ago I ran out of space to store all my books, so getting a Kindle was the way to go and still is.


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